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West Suburban Bass Angler - Monthly Meeting Minutes

January2024 Meeting Minutes


Here are the Attendance and Notes from our January 10th meeting:



Greg G, Dave H, Mike R, Peter R, Steven K, Bill O, Andrew V, Bart P, Lou G, Mike O, Nate W, Kyle B, Mike Wol, Frank R, Umair F, Mario M

Guests: Tim & Alex


  1.  Nate welcomed all to the 23rd year of WSBA.

  2. Dave H. has obtained a COI for the Club to have a booth at the Schaumburg Outdoors Show later this month.

  3. The Palatine Fishing Derby, our Conservation event, is scheduled for Jume 1st.

  4. Mike O. presented the 2024 Tournament schedule.

  5. We introduced guests Tim & Alex.

  6. The annual IBN Presidents meeting will be held on Feb. 17th.

  7. Kyle will have MAW tickets at the March meeting.  We will try to obtain MAW tickets early to sell at the Schaumburg show.

  8. The 2024 State tournament will be held Sept. 7 - 8.

  9. Umair has created an Instagram account for the Club.  He is working on the Facebook page.  He would like to shoot a brief video to share on social media.

  10. Greg reminded all that 2024 Dues need to be paid.  These Dues are needed by the February meeting (to be held Feb. 7th).

  11. Greg will amend the Club Rules based on the changes voted at the November 2023 meeting.

  12. Frank asked that regular Financial updates and reports be given at meetings.

  13. Greg presented tables based on the current format for tournament payouts.  These were discussed and the Club will decide how they will be amended for 2024.

  14. Greg will develop an Operating Budget for the February meeting.

  15. The Schaumburg Outdoors Show is Jan. 25 - 28.  We have 6 passes for members to work at our booth.  Steven, Bill, Mike R, Mike Wol, Peter, Kyle, Mike O, Umair all volunteered time.  Flyers and a sign-in sheet will be needed.  We will be at Booth 904, near the Boat area.






February2023 Meeting Minutes


Here is the Attendance and Meeting Notes from our Feb. 7 Meeting:


ATTENDEES: Greg G, Mike O, Peter R, Frank R, Bill O, Steven K, Dave H, Nate W, Mario M, Kyle B, James P, Mike Wol, Bart P, Mike R

           Guests: Ryan & Dave V (Dave V has joined WSBA for 2024)



  1.  We welcomed guests Ryan and Dave Valentino who we met at the Schaumburg Outdoor Show.

  2. Nate and Kyle will attend the Annual IBM Presidents Meeting on 2/17.

  3. We discussed our participation/booth at the Schaumburg Outdoor Show.   Bill O donated a rod/reel combo that we raffled off.  We made $120 from the raffle.  We met an Alaskan Outfitter that offered a discounted salmon fishing trip to us.

  4. We need to add our Monthly Meeting Schedule to our Tournament Schedule on our website.  Also need to add the date for the Fishing Derby (6/1/24).

  5. Braidwood Lake opens for fishing on March 1.  Nate may host a friendly tournament on March 16.

  6. It was noted that there is a Toyota Series tournament on March 7 at Kentucky Lake.

  7. Kyle sold 50/50 Raffle Tickets.  Total of $66 to WSBA.

  8. Greg has currently paid $30/member dues to BASS for 16 Members = $480 to be re-imbursed by the Club.  All paid members will be added to the BASS and IBN rosters this week.

  9. Dave Homan reminded us that the Palatine Fishing Derby is June 1.  We need participants to run the Derby as well as prizes to hand out.

  10. Umair has an Instagram account for WSBA.

  11. Mike O. updated us on our tournament schedule.  Lake Delavan has been moved to 9/14 so it doesn't conflict with the State Qualifier on 9/7.  Mike is still investigating lodging for Kentucky Lake.  Boaters need to submit their annual insurance certificates to Mike O.

  12. We reviewed the information that Nate put together with Greg and Frank for Tournament Payouts.  We then voted on changes:

    1. Payout will now be 80% of total entries with 20% to the Club fund.

    2.  Payouts will be done via an Even Distribution per the Handout.

    3. There will be an Adjusted Payout Rate when going from paying 2 spots for up to 7 entries TO 8 or 9 entries per handout.

    4. 3 Entries or less will be Winner Take All.






March 2023 Meeting Minutes


Here are the Attendance and Meeting Notes from last night's meeting:


ATTENDEES:  Greg G, Mike O, Steven K, Kyle B, Nate W, Dave H, Mike R, Bart P, Bill O, Frank R, Peter R, Mike Wol, Mario M, Umair F

           NEW MEMBERS THAT JOINED AT THE MEETING: Roger Fieser, Dave Cigrang, Ryan Slager (All added to this email)

           GUEST:  Tim Garner



  1.  Welcome to New Members Roger F, who is returning after a couple of years off, Dave C, and Ryan S.

  2. Nate reviewed the 2024 IBN President's Conference.

    1. The IBN needs sponsors and Boaters for it's Youth tournaments.

    2. They have not yet finalized the St. Croix rods sponsorship for the IBN discount.

    3. Rules and Expenses were reviewed at the annual meeting.

    4. The State Qualifier Tournament will be held at the Illinois River.

  3.  Nate is hosting a friendly tournament this Saturday, 3/16 at Braidwood.  If it is too windy, it will be on the Des Plaines River.  Entry is $40 per Boat.  Winner take all.

  4. We discussed having some side bets/pots this year.  To be discussed at each tournament.

  5. Kyle has Make-A-Wish tickets.  Each member will receive 15 at the April meeting.

  6. Dave H reminded us that the Palatine Fishing Derby is on June 1st.

  7. We discussed and drew partners for Kentucky Lake.

    1. Boaters need to book their hotel room.  Rooms are in Mike O's name and WSBA.

    2. We will launch at Sled Creek.

    3. You must get a Kentucky license.





 April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Roger, Nate, Mike O. Kyle, Pete, Frank, Dave V., Ryan, Bart,Tim G, Mario, Bill, Tim S. Steven, Dave H. David Cigrang

1. Good luck to Steven fishing the IBN Regionals in Lacrosse on May 4.
2. The Ralph Sweatt Memorial Tournament is on the same date and might be sketchy since many of the organizers are attending the Regional event.
3. Conservation Report with Homan:
    1. A reminder that the derby is on June 1st at Harper College (6:30 setup to 11) and we still need firm commitments from at least 10 volunteers. Family and friends are welcome. We will have a signup sheet at the next meeting, but you can email Kyle ahead of the meeting to volunteer in advance. It is a good time!
    2. Also, we need to check on rods, inventory, and the budget for prizes for the kids. Frank mentioned his sponsor has kids' rods again. Frank, Greg, and Rubino to follow up on what we have left over and what we have in the budget to buy.
    3. Dave will follow up on the casting class on Friday. Is that still a go?
    4. Frank will MC again. Thank you, Frank.
    5. Dave will get soda and snacks. What is the budget for this, Greg?

4. KY Lake Recap; 

congratulations to:
    1. Non-boaters: (1) Pete, (2) Mario, (3) Kyle
    2. Boaters: (1) Bill, (2) Steven, (3) Bart
    3. Big Bass: Steven 4.02 (expect to fall soon)
    4. We will get final weights from Greg soon.
    5. The winning pattern was a Wacky worm on flats in the pockets and jigs.
    6. Bill came in too hot and broke a strut on his roller bumper, but Andrew's friend Jesse promptly welded it back.
    7. Congrats to Bart and his new boat on its inaugural tournament: (Team Rippin Darts)

    8. Nate and his phone got wet

    9. Lou was missed
    10. Roger was denied milk for his cereal on game day.

    11. Ky Burritos were delish 

    12. Bill and Kyle may have shared a tick
    13. Congrats to everyone who participated; tough and rising conditions for the weekend but a lot of fun. Thanks to Mike O for organizing the trip and the accommodations.

    14. Send Photos to Umar

5. Pool 13 (May 4) Pairings and Launch order:
    1. Frank / Roger
    2. Bill / Dave V.
    3. Rubino / Ryan
    4. Homan / Mario
    5. Nate / Peter
    6. Mike O / Kyle
    7. Wollenberg / James

Non-boater standby list:
1. Greg
2. Umar

- [ ] Frank and Rubino to check on how many rods/prizes are left from last year.
- [ ] Greg to let us know what we have in the budget to buy more prizes.
- [ ] Dave's casting class Friday night.


May 2023 Meeting Minutes

Here is the attendance and notes from our May 8th meeting:


ATTENDEES:  Greg G, Kyle B, Frank R, Roger F, Nate W, Peter R, Dave H, Tim S, Dave C, James P, Umair F, Dave V, Mike Woll, Mario M

           GUESTS: Tim G, Petra R, Alex, Scott B (joined as a Boater and has been added to this email list)


  1.  Frank thanked everyone for the well wishes while he was in the hospital last weekend. 

  2. We welcomed our guests to the meeting.

  3. Steven K is fishing the BASS Regional at Lacrosse.  He had 10 lbs. on the first day, but lost some large fish.

  4.  Per Frank's message, ALL Boaters must complete a Boater Safety course by Jan. 1, 2025 to be eligible to fish BASS tournaments.  This includes WSBA events.

  5. The 2024 IBN State tournament is Sept. 7-8 on the Des Plaines River out of Morris.  Entry fee is $200.

  6. Our annual Conservation Project, the Palatine Fishing Derby is June 1st at Harper College.  Please be there by 6:30 am for set up.  The derby runs from 8;00 am to 11:30 am.  We have $250 budgeted for the purchase of additional prizes (we have 8 rod/reel combos).  Greg will purchase chips and drinks to sell at the derby. 

  7. Please send Umair photos from Pool 13 to be posted on social media.

  8. Umair will put our weigh-ins on Instagram Live.

  9. Kyle Distributed Make-A-Wish tickets to all in attendance.

  10. Greg stated that this year, payouts will occur after every tournament.

  11. We recapped Pool 13.  Thanks to Mike Wollenberg for using his boat so another Non-Boater could fish.

  12. We drew partners for Green Lake and Mendota.




Jun 2023 Meeting Minutes


Here is the Attendance and Notes from our June 12, 2024 meeting:


ATTENDEES: Greg G, Mike O, Steven K, Tim S, Frank R, Bill O, Bart P, Mike R, Dave H, Kyle B, Nate W, Ryan S, Mike Woll, Roger F, Mario M, Umair F, Scott B



  1.  Nate reviewed the IBN State Tournament to be held on 9/7 & 9/8 out of Morris, IL.  The roster is due by 8/1 in Teams of 6 (Nate to confirm).

  2. Dave H updated and thanked us for the Palatine Fishing Derby.  16 members were on hand to help.  We netted $230 for the Club.  It was decided we should order 12 - 16 kids rod/reel combos and 8 adult/other combos. On 6/13, Frank R ordered 10 kids combos and 6 spinning combos.  However, he was notified by Ardent that the kids combos were sold out and that our order was upgraded for free.  Total cost was $256.50 (a savings of over $300).

  3. Kyle will distribute the remaining MAW tickets next month.  He will fill out tickets for those not present.

  4. Greg restated that the Club netted $230 from the Fishing Derby.  Dave H did not take payment for prizes he purchased and Greg donated the chips, drinks, and ice.

  5. Umair had nothing new to report for Social Media.

  6. We recapped the Green Lake and Mendota tournaments.

  7. We drew partners for LaCrosse on June 22 - 23.

  8. We discussed how points should work when a Guest fishes a tournament.  This was tabled until we review rule changes in October.


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