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  • Mercury Oil, Battery, Spark Plugs, Fuel and Fuel Additive Recommendations"
  • Engine Shutdown Precautions after a HARD RUN (Especially in cold water)
  • Proper Warm-up and cold Water operation
  • Recommended Annual Maintenance or Winterization for Optimax Engines
  • Vault Bearing Replacement
    1. Loosen lug nuts on trailer 2. Jack up trailer and put on jack stands 3. Remove tire 4. Remove break caliper and support caliper (3/4” drive 9/16 6 side quality socket) 5. Use block of wood and hammer to remove vault cap 6. Remove cotter pin, cap, nut and washer 7. Remove hub assembly from trailer 8. Turn over hub and beat out inner bearing and seal 9. Clean hub assembly 10. Remove and replace O-ring 11. Pack inner bearing and install 12. Coat inside of seal with grease coat outside of seal with high temp silicone 13. Pack outer front bearing and install 14. Install hub, washer, nut, nut-cover, and cotter pin, tighten slightly over hand tight to set bearing than back out, then tighten finger tight the hub should turn freely with no end play (in and out movement) 15. Install zerk grease fitting on Spindle, grease and rotate hub during filling until grease starts to come out around washer and nut (usually 1 tube of grease) 16. Fill vault cap to upper retaining clip, coat outside shoulder of cap with high temp silicone 17. Use a 2x1/2 PVC slip collar (Home Depot) and b lock of wood to install cap 18. Reinstall break caliper 19. Install tire, remove jack stand and jack. open vault pictures below for filling instructions VAULT PICTURES
  • Mercury Prop Install
  • Service Wheel Bearings
  • Replacing Water Separating Filter on Optimax
  • Non-Ethanol Gas stations in US
  • Boat Batteries 101
  • Tournament Head Trips
  • Stay Focused!
  • Developing and Retaining Fishing Confidence
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Analyze This
  • 10 Steps To A Better Tournament Angler
  • Tournament Lessons
  • The Non-Boater's Guide to Tournaments
  • how to Fizz a LargmouthBass
  • how to Fizz a Smallmouth Bass
  • Keeping Bass Alive
  • Livewell Management
  • Culling Bass
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in Livewells
  • Easy Hook Removal For Gullet and Gut Hooked Fish
  • Fish Clips
  • How to remove a fish hook
  • How to launch a boat
  • Fishing Knots
  • Fishing Line Guide
  • Seasonal Bass patterns
  • Electronics
  • Non-Boater Etiquette
    Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate. Know your partner's home and cell phone numbers, and room number if applicable, and vice-versa. Talk to your partner as least the day before to discuss strategies and find out what you need to bring the next day (e.g., tackle, bait, line weight). In particular, ask whether he has a life vest for you, and what he wants for lunch. Make arrangements for a meeting place and time to meet. BE THERE ON TIME AND READY TO GO! Pay the entrance fees to get in the lake. Pay for the Big Fish for your partner and yourself. Oil and gas are not cheap. Give your partner money to refill the tank of gas that you helped burn up. You do not want to get a reputation for being cheap. Treat your partner and his property with the utmost respect. Know all the tournament rules and the specific lake rules. Know all tournament criteria, such as meeting times, launch ramp areas, weigh-in time and area, and where you need to be at any specific time during the day or night. Become familiar with the body of water that you will be fishing by researching through available resources. Try to participate in pre-fish days, if your partner is going to do this. Two lines in the water are always better than one, and it lets you verify that you have the right equipment and it is in top working condition. Learn how to back in a boat trailer. Voice your driving limitations prior to launching the boat. The morning of the tournament is not the time to learn how to handle a vehicle with a boat trailer. Bring your own Personal Floating Device (PFD), unless your partner tells you he has an extra one on the boat for you. Otherwise, bring the minimal amount of fishing equipment you will need. Limit your tackle to one bag - if you need two tackle bags, you are bringing too much. Bring lunch for your partner, unless he says otherwise. Do not bring anything that cannot be eaten with one hand - if you cannot fish while you eat or eat while you fish, do not bring it. Bring plenty of water and drink it whether you are thirsty or not. Bring your own raingear if there is any chance of rain. Know where the net is at all times and be ready to use it. While fishing, be aggressive and focus on the task at hand. At the same time, be gracious and humble. Give it your best, and watch, listen, and learn. Keep your clutter to a minimum. There is nothing worst than stepping over rods, tackle or whatever to try to maneuver to net a fish. Missing a fish, breaking a rod, or damaging someone else's equipment does not make for a good day on the water. If you have a good day on the water, people will want to know the "what, when, where, and how" of the day. Although the purpose of this club is to freely share this information, if you caught fish at your partner's spots, defer the "where" questions to him. It is bad form to disclose your partner's specific spots without his consent. Help your partner clean up the boat. Most boaters will wipe down their hull right after it is pulled from the water. If your boater gets out a towel to start doing this, pitch in and help.
  • How to drive a boat in rough water
    How to drive a boat in rough water
  • Nagawicka Lake
    Nagawicka Lake
  • Pine Lake
    Pine Lake
  • Rock Lake
    Rock Lake
  • Oconomowoc Lake
    Oconomowoc Lake
  • Lake St Clair/Detroit River
    Lake St Clair/Detroit River
  • Big Cedar Lake
    Big Cedar Lake
  • Kentucky Lake
    Kentucky Lake
  • Clinton Lake
    Clinton Lake
  • Whitewater Lake
    Whitewater Lake
  • Geneva Lake
    Geneva Lake
  • Pewaukee Lake
    Pewaukee Lake
  • Madison
  • Pool 13
    Pool 13
  • Sturgeon Bay
    Sturgeon Bay
  • Big Green
    Big Green
  • Okauchee Lake
    Okauchee Lake
  • Lake Sara il
    Lake Sara il
  • Lake Wisconsin
    Lake Wisconsin
  • Little Bay de Noc
    Little Bay de Noc
  • Basspro buys Ranger (explicit language)
  • Pro Staffer
  • Pro Staffer Resume
  • Fishing with Joe
  • Tournament Clothing
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