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West Suburban Bass Angler - Monthly Meeting Minutes

January2023 Meeting Minutes


Here are the Attendance and Notes from our January 11, 2023 meeting:


Attendees: Greg G, Mike R, Dave H, Bill O, Andrew V, Steven K, Kyle B, Mike O, Frank R, James P, Mario M, Nate W, Bryan C, Bart P, Ricky L, Orlando T (new member).



  1.  Mike R welcomed all to 2023 season.  Thanks to Dave H & Kyle B for their donations toward the 2023 AOY awards.

  2. Congrats to 2022 AOY champs Steven K & Kyle B

  3. Welcome to new Club Officers Dave H (Conservation Dir.) & Steven K (Asst. Tourn. Dir.)

  4. Adam F. has decided not to rejoin for 2023.  Bill O. volunteered to take the vacant VP position and was approved by a vote of members present.  Thanks Bill!!

  5. IBN President's meeting is Feb. 18th.  They will once again have a Texas Hold 'em tournament after the meeting.  We will submit a roster to the IBN prior to this meeting.  The IBN is hosting a Team Series in 2023.  4 top finishers will go the Regional as part of the State Team.

  6. Mike R & Tim G are fishing this year's Regional as part of the Illinois State Team on the Winneconne Chain.

  7. The State Qualifier Tournament will be Sept. 9 & 10 on Pool 19 at Fort Madison.

  8. We will distribute MAW tickeets at the March meeting.

  9. Nate W gave a Membership update: No new contacts via the website.  Nate will send Mike W the Co-Angler Hints he drafted to be posted on our website.

  10. Mike O gave a Tournament update:  He reviewed our schedule and has applied for permits.  He will send the schedule to Mike W. to post on the website.

Boaters need to send Mike O their updated 2023 Insurance Certificates.

  1.  Greg G gave a financial update.  We currently have a $1,725 balance in our account that includes paid dues from several members.  Members need to pay 2023 dues = $170.  Also, you must enter the Annual Big Bass Pot BEFORE the first tournament starts on April 22.  This is optional.

  2. Greg G is donating $400 to the Club for a Big Bag of the Year Pot.  This pot will pay $200 to the Boater and $200 to the Non-Boater that bring the heaviest bag to the scales for any one day in a Club tournament.  This includes 2 day events and the Classic.  It does NOT have to be a 5 fish limit.  If the heaviest bag of the year contains fewer than 5 fish, it counts.


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