January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Here is the attendance and notes from the January 8th meeting:


Attendees:  Mike R., Mike O., Greg G., Glenn L., Roger F., Mike W., Nate W., Joe G., Adam F., Bill Z.


Guests:  Andrew & Tim


  1.  Mike R. welcomed guests Tim & Andrew.  (Andrew joined WSBA as a Boater at the end of the meeting).

  2. Mike R. gave Joe G. his plaque for his win at Whitewater in 2019.

  3. Mike R. distributed flyers for the annual IBN Texas Hold Em poker tourney on Feb. 15th.  $120 buy in.  $20 for spectators.  Food & drinks are provided.

  4. Mike R. and Adam F. will attend the annual IBN president's conference in Plainfield on Feb. 15th.

  5. The IBN State Qualifier tournament will be held in mid-October at Lake of Egypt.

  6. The IBN is once again hosting a team series of tournaments.

  7. Nate W. distributed flyers for recruiting new members.

  8. There was nothing new to report for the website or conservation project.

  9. Mike O. distributed the 2020 schedule.  Due to logistics, we will draw partners at the Feb. meeting for our first stop at Lake of the Ozarks on April 4-5.

  10. Boaters were reminded to begin sending their 2020 insurance certificates to Mike O.

  11. Greg G. reminded members to check the BASS membership and renew it if needed.