West Suburban Bass Angler - Monthly Meeting Minutes

January2022 Meeting Minutes


Here are the Attendance and Notes from our Jan. 12, 2022 meeting.


ATTENDEES: Mike R., Greg G., Frank R., Ricky L., Dave H., Mike O., Bill O., Andrew V., Tim G., Bart P., Roger F., Mike Wol., Nate W., Kyle B., Steven K., Ralph A.,

                        James P

                       GUESTS: Derek, Mario, John 



  1. Mike R. welcomed all to WSBA for 2022.

  2. All Club Officers remain the same for 2022.  Matt Y. is now Asst. Tournament Director.

  3.  Mike R. declared that this will be his last year to serve as Club President.  Greg G. declared he will be moving out of state sometime in the next year.

  4. We reviewed the Rule Changes adopted for 2022.

  5. The IBN State Tournament (6 Man) is Sept. 24 - 25 at Pool 13.

  6. The IBN will not have an AOY tournament in 2022.

  7. Mike R. and Adam F. will attend the IBN President's meeting on Feb. 19th.  The IBN will have a poker tournament after the meeting to raise funds for the State Team.  Participation is encouraged.

  8. Our Annual Conservation Project, The Palatine Fishing Derby, is scheduled for May 14th.  Ricky is coordinating with the Palatine Park District.

  9. Mike R. welcomed guests Derek, Mario, and John.

  10. Mike Wright will have all info updated on our website.  Please check the site for dates, etc.

  11. Mike O. distributed and discussed our 2022 schedule.

  12. Mike O. discussed the Lake of Ozarks tournament.  Cabins have been reserved.

  13. Boaters need to send their updated Insurance Certificates to Mike O.

  14. Greg G. will be collecting Dues and Fees for 2022.  Please pay asap so rosters can be submitted to the IBN and BASS.

  15. Ralph discussed and distributed glue to all Boaters.

  16. Mike R. handed out awards, plaques, and trophies for the 2021 season.


February2022 Meeting Minutes


Here are the attendance and meeting notes from our Feb. 9, 2022 meeting.


ATTENDEES:  Mike R., Greg G., James P., Adam F., Roger F., Mike Wright, Ricky L., Tim G., Bart P., Nate W., Kyle B., Steven K., Dave H., John D., Ralph A., Mike Wol., Joe G., Mark M., 

GUESTS:  Phil, Brad D., Mario M.

  1.  Mike R. welcomed Joe G. back for 2022.  He also welcomed guests Phil, Brad, and Mario.  Mario joined the Club at the meeting.

  2. The IBN President's Meeting is on Feb. 19th.  Mike R. and Adam F. will attend.

  3. The IBN State Tournament is Sept. 24 - 25 on Pool 13.  Mike R. sent around a sign-up sheet for those that are interested in fishing this tournament.  There is a $150 entry fee that each angler must pay.

  4. Make-A-Wish tickets will be distributed at the March meeting.  Since our sales are low, it was decided that each Club member shall now be responsible for 15 tickets at $2 each.  Tickets will be managed by Adam F.

  5. The IBN is also hosting its annual Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament on Feb. 19th.  This is their fundraiser for sending the State team to the Divisional tournament.  Since we do not participate, we send the IBN $120.

  6. Our Annual Conservation Project - The Palatine Fishing Derby is scheduled for May 14th.  There is also a angler education session that we hold on May 13th in the evening.  We need approximately 10 people to host the Derby.  Contact Ricky L. for more info or to assist.

  7. Greg reminded all that membership dues must be paid now as the IBN and BASS rosters must be submitted.  Cash/Check/Venmo can be used for payment.

  8. Mike O. announced that the Madison & Green Lake tournament dates have been switched due to the permit process for Green Lake.

  9. Mike O. discussed our Lake of the Ozarks tournament.  Based on participation, we will need more cabins.  Mike O. will assist with the arrangements.

  10. We drew partners for the Lake of the Ozarks tournament.

  11. Boaters must provide proof of insurance to Mike O.

  12. Steven K. and Tim G. stated they have friends who may be interested in joining.

  13. A 50/50 raffle was held.

March2022 Meeting Minutes


Here is the attendance and meeting notes from our March 9th meeting:


Attendees:  Mike R., Mike O., Ralph A., Ricky L., Greg G., Dave H., John D., Bill O., Andrew V., Glenn L., Roger F., Nate W., Lou G., Adam F., Steven K., Kyle B.,

                      Mike Wol., Mario M., Mark M.

Guests:  Jacob B., Roger M.   Roger M. joined at the meeting.


  1.  Mike R.  attended the IBN President's meeting;

    1. The IBN is offering 50% off on any/all St. Croix rods.  Limit is 5 per person.  Mike R. will send them our email addresses.

    2. The IBN also offers discounts on Oil, etc.  Visit their website for offers & details.

    3. The IBN will host a Conservation Project in 2022.  More info to come.

    4. The IBN will pay Clubs $500 to perform a lake clean up.  Ricky L. will contact them for details.

    5. The IBN is hosting a soft plastics recycling program and will collect used plastics at the State Tournament.

    6. The IBN is hosting the Ralph Sweat Memorial Tournament to provide scholarships to youth anglers.  It's a team tournament on May 1st at the Des Plaines River.  Cost is $150 per team.

    7. The IBN is holding a Team Series again this year.

    8. The IBN needs Boats/Boaters for youth events.

  2. Greg reported that the IBN has raised dues this year from $40 per member to $65 per member.  This was not announced by the IBN.  Since we have already set and paid dues for 2022, the additional $25 per member is optional.  However, we will need to raise Club dues in 2023to account for this.  The IBN has the highest dues in the region.  Most other states are charging $30 per member.  Ohio is charging $50.

  3. Mike R. reported that we have 2 Teams for the State Tournament (3 Boaters + 3 Non-boaters).  We also have 2 more Boaters and 1 more Non-boater.  All can fish, but we'd like to see if we can complete a 3rd team.

  4. Adam distributed MAW (Make A Wish) raffle tickets.  Each member must take 15 tickets at $2 each.  More are available from Adam.

  5. Mike O. reviewed the Lake Of the Ozarks tournament and cabin assignments.  There will be a Club BBQ on Friday & Saturday night.  Lou will bring food. 

  6.  Please pay him for your share at the tournament.