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West Suburban Bass Angler - Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 2017 Meeting Minutes


Here are the notes from our January 11th meeting:


1.  We welcomed new members, Matt Yeisley (Non-Boater) and Jim Lopez (Boater).

2.  The Palatine Fishing Derby is on June 3rd.  We need to plan now (Roger & Steve are already doing so) for donations, etc.  Frank Stompanato can get banners made for sponsors.

3.  We discussed our tournament schedule.  We have 3 new lakes this year - Big Cedar, Oconomowoc, Pine.  Mike O. will be getting permits for all.  He will reserve hotel rooms for our 2 day events (Kentucky Lake and Lake St. Clair).  If you want to stay over for other tournaments, you must reserve your own room.  Mike will hand out folders at the February meeting.

4.  Boaters need to start sending in their annual insurance certificates to Mike O.

5.  The Schaumburg Outdoors Show is in 2 weeks.  We need to try to recruit some new, Non-Boaters there as we currently have 14 Boaters and 7 Non-Boaters.

6.  Greg emailed members that need to renew their BASS memberships.  Please do so ASAP.

7.  Our annual tackle swap will occur at our February meeting.

8.  Bill O. & Ricky L. will attend the annual IBN President's meeting on Feb. 11th in Streator.

9.  We are collecting membership dues ($120) and annual Big Bass Pot fee ($25).  See Greg G.

10.  We gave Bass Pro Shops Gift cards to Bill O. and Ricky in honor of them being the AOY's for 2016.

11.  We talked about Club jerseys.  If you want to purchase one, both Gemini and Rayjus have our logo on file.

12.  Juan S. handed out WSBA stickers.  He also has WSBA t-shirts and hoodies.  T- shirts are $10 (short sleeve) or $15 (long sleeve).  Hoodies are $35.  Please contact Juan to order.




January 2017

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Here are the notes from last night's meeting:


1.  Mike O. handed out tournament folders.  Hotel rooms are blocked for Kentucky Lake (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights).  There are 10 rooms blocked at the Econolodge.  Boaters - Please call and reserve a room in your name.

2.  The Greater Chicago Bass club will be at Kentucky Lake the same time as us.  They have challenged us to a friendly competition.  Please think about it.

3.  We need to get our annual dues paid.  Also, Boaters need to send Mike O. your updated insurance certificates.  The last chance to enter the annual Big Bass pot ($25) will be at the March meeting.

4.  All permit requests have been submitted for the year.  We have half of them approved and returned so far.

5.  We welcomed Greg and his son Jake as guests.  Jake fishes on the Streamwood HS team that Mike R. helps coach.  We also welcomed former member Vince R.

6.  Everyone needs to email Greg that they have read the rules.  Forms will be available to be signed at the March meeting as well.  No acknowledgement = No fishing Club tournaments.

7.  Bill O. and Ricky L. will be attending the annual IBN President's Conference next weekend.  Make A Wish tickets will be distributed next month.  All members must purchase 10 tickets at $2 each.

8.  Remember that Illinois fishing licenses expire March 31.  Remember to get a new license for Illinois and Wisconsin.  If going to Kentucky Lake, you will need a Kentucky license and possibly a Tennessee license.  Boater and Non-Boater partners should discuss this prior to the tournament.

9.  We discussed the Palatine Fishing Derby.  The Park District newsletter will go out in March to advertise the Derby.  Roger F. said he will have fliers ready for our March meeting.  We talked about having a member's boat in the parking lot at the Derby.

10.  WSBA has a Private Group on the Bassmaster website for Fantasy Fishing.  Those present at the meeting and participating in Fantasy Fishing agreed to a competition based on total points at the end of the season with a winner take all pot based on $25 per person.  Greg, Kennedy, Lou, Bill O., Frank, and Mike O. are in.  Those not present need to let Greg know if they want to play for $$.

11.  Lou agreed to moderate and update a new club Facebook page.

12.  We held our annual tackle swap.  Frank R. distributed Ardent Reel maintenance kits to the first 12 members present.  Kits include cleaner, oil, grease.


February 2017

March 2017 Meeting Minutes


Here are the notes from this month's meeting:


1.  Bill O. recapped the 2017 IBN President's Conference that he and Ricky attended:

     A.  There is now a Make A Wish raffle incentive program.  The first 10 boat positions for the State

           Qualifier tournament will be given out based on ticket sales.

     B.  The IBN has added a new way to reach the BASS Divisional Tournament.  Two guys (one Boater & one

           Non-Boater) will be determined by an AOY tournament.  AOY's from each Club from the prior year

           can compete in a tournament to decide these spots.  These spots will make up 2 of the 20 spots

           for the State Team.

     C.  The DNR addressed the meeting and showed how underfunded Illinois is for fisheries, etc.


2.  Reminder to get your new fishing licenses.  You will need IL, WI, and KY.  You may need TN too at Kentucky Lake.  A KY license is $30 for 7days and can be purchased online.


3.  The A-Rig is legal on Kentucky Lake.  5 hooks are allowed in Kentucky, but only 3 in Tennessee.


4.  We discussed our Conservation Project - The Palatine Park District Fishing Derby:

     A.  We are still looking for sponsors or those who want to help run the Derby.

     B.  The Palatine Park Dist. will ask for permission to use the Harper College digital sign/marquee.  They

           will also provide 8-10 A-frame type signs to be placed roadside to advertise the Derby along with

           a banner on top of the hill by the lake.

     C.  Frank S. can get banners for sponsors.

     D.  The Palatine Fire Dept. has agreed to be there for 30-60 minutes with a fire truck.

     E.  The Park District will establish a link from their website to ours.  We will do the same for them.


5.  We acknowledged Steve W's $500 Sponsorship for this year.  It will be used the same as last year - $300 for the Big Bass of our Classic tournament.  $100 for the Angler that nets the big bass.  $100 for awards, etc.


6.  We drew partners for Kentucky Lake on April 8-9.


March 2017

April 2017 Meeting Minutes


Here are the notes from last night's meeting.  13 members were in attendance.


1.  We discussed the Palatine Fishing Derby to be held on June 3rd.

     a.  Frank S. may have boy scouts coming to assist.

     b.  Palatine Fire Dept. and Palatine Police Dept. will be there.

     c.  Steve is looking into an ad on the Palatine Patch website.  This is a site that posts goings on for residents.

     d.  A hot dog and chips will be included in the entry fee.  Beverages to be sold in addition.

     e.  We will schedule members to work the event at our May meeting.


2.  Roger F. gave Boaters bags to collect used soft plastics at Kentucky Lake.  He has extras for Non-Boaters too.  There will be a prize for the Club member that turns in the most weight.  Used plastics will be turned in at the State tournament.


3.  We recapped the Kentucky Lake tournament.  It was noted that people were standing around at the weigh in.  We need guys to help set up/take down the weigh in equipment and release fish.


4.  We drew partners for Clinton and Winneconne (see emails from Mike O.).  Clinton will be from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM.  Be on the water at 6:00 AM.  There is a 3 fish, 16 inch minimum limit there.



April 2017
May 2017

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1.  We discussed the Palatine Fishing Derby to be held on June 3rd.

    • Sign up sheets for duties were passed around by Roger

    • The fishing class will be held on Friday, June 2 at 6:00 PM.

    • We will not be allowed to have a sign on the road.

    • Harper may still let us use their marquee.

    • We will have signs with directional arrows on the roads around the campus.

    • Admission is $5 and includes a hot dog and chips.

    • Prizes have been donated.

    • We would like to have a boat or 2 there. (Lou will bring his).

    • The Palatine Police and Fire Depts. will be there.

    • Bill & Ricky will be at the IBN AOY tournament, so they cannot attend.

       2.  Greg provided a review of the Club finances.

       3.  There was a tackle donation made.  See Bill if interested.

       4.  Arrangements are made for Lake St. Clair.  We have 10 Rooms, 10 boaters.  Don't forget your license and outdoors card for Canada.

       5.  We recapped the Lake Clinton and Winneconne tournaments.

       6.  We drew partners for Lake Geneva and Green Lake.


June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Here are the notes from last Wednesday's meeting:


1. Roger recapped the Palatine Fishing Derby.

  • We signed Thank You cards to send to all of our sponsors.

  • The Derby went smoothly, but there was a low turnout of participants due to 4 other derbies on the same day.

  • The Club netted $115.00.  

  • We have hot dogs, chips, etc. to take to Lake St. Clair in July.


2.  We discussed having a buddy tournament.  This idea was rejected.  We will fish 11 regular tournaments and will drop 3 for point standings.

3.  We recapped the Lake Geneva and Green Lake tournaments.

4.  We drew partners for Big Cedar Lake and Lake St. Clair.


NOTE:  Boaters should call the hotel in Michigan and put a room in their name.

NOTE 2:  If you are going to fish Canadian waters, you must get a Canadian outdoors card and license!!



June 2017

July 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1.  The IBN State Qualifier is Sept. 9-10 on Pool 19.  Let Bill know if you want to go.  We must go in pairs, Boater and Non-Boater.  You will have to pay your own way - $130 entry fee.

  2. Fish care was an issue at St. Clair.  Make sure you leave your live wells on and use ice.

  3. We need to finalize MAW tickets at next month's meeting.

  4. The Oconomowoc tournament has been switched to Oakuchee on August 12th.

  5. We will vote on our Classic destination at the August meeting.  Send Mike O. suggestions.  It will be 10/14 - 10/15.

  6. We recapped Big Cedar and St. Clair.

  7. We drew partners for Okauchee.


July 2017


August 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1.  MAW tickets are due now.  Contact Ricky ASAP if you owe us.

  2. We discussed Lake Okauchee tournament on August 12th:

  • We were approved by the DNR for a 5 fish limit with culling.

  • We will launch from the new launch ramp.

  • Be careful - the lake patrol is out there.

  • Please be on the water at 5:30 AM.

      3.  We discussed our Classic location.  Mike R. talked about Bay De Noc.  It is 5 1/2 hours away.  You need a Michigan license.  Great smallie fishing.  Plenty of lodging at Little Bay De Noc.

      4.  We generated a list of possible lakes and voted to narrow it down to 2 - Bay De Noc and LaCrosse.  Final vote was for Bay De Noc.

      5.  We drew partners for Rock Lake on August 26th.



August 2017


September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Here are the notes from last night's meeting:

  1.  We recapped the Okauchee and Rock Lake tournaments.

  2. We determined that we need to send the IBN and BASS confirmation of completing our Conservation Project (the Palatine Fishing Derby).  Roger F. will contact Todd at the Palatine PD to get a letter from them.

  3. We discussed our Classic tournament:

    1. 8 rooms were blocked under Mike Olson/WSBA at the Lakeside Inn Hotel.  Mike emailed Boaters.

    2. We will launch in Big Bay DeNoc - about 20 minutes from the hotel.

    3. Remember to get a Michigan license.

  4. We discussed the election of Officers/Board Members for next year.  Bill would like to step down as President and Mike O. has been Tournament Director for 3 years now.  All offices should be nominated for.  We need turnover in these positions to keep ideas fresh and people involved.  Nominations will be taken at the October meeting and the election will be held in November.

  5. We drew partners for Pine Lake, Nagawicka, and the Classic.  See separate emails from Mike O.

  6. Steve W. discussed the National Angler's Association.  He met their Rep. at the Fishing Derby.  We voted to have Mike W. create a link to their website from ours.  They promote small fishing companies and offer a deal similar to Mystery Tackle Box whereby you pay $9 per month and receive a box of stuff each month in return (lures and products).  $2 of each $9 collected goes toward either Wounded Warriors or Casting for Kids.



October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Here are the notes from last night's meeting:


Attendees:  Mike W., Roger F., Mike R., Glenn L., Ricky L., Mike O., Greg G., Adam F., Frank R., Bill O.

  1.  Mike Rubino will host his Fallen Leaves tournaments on Oct. 28th (Linn's Pier) and Nov. 18th (Williams Bay).  Contact Mike R. for info.

  2. We recapped Pine Lake, Nagawicka, and the Classic.

  3. We asked for volunteers or nominations for Club Officers.  Please send nominations to us ASAP.  Election is held next month.

    1. President - Bill Olson said he MIGHT consider staying on as President.

    2. Vice Pres. - Ricky said he would remain.

    3. Sec/Treas - Greg said he would remain.

    4. Tournament Directors - Mike Olson and Glenn said they would remain.

    5. Conservation Dir. - Steve will step down.  Roger needs help!!

    6. Membership Dir. - ???

  4.  We need people to help plan and prep for the Palatine Fishing Derby.  It was suggested that we assign duties in the months prior to it.

  5. We discussed possible rule changes for next year.  Please send us suggestions ASAP.

    1. Scheduling - Should 2 day tournaments (especially the Classic) be scheduled for Friday/Saturday so we have Sunday to fall back on in the event of foul weather?

    2. Should there be an off limits time (such as the week before) prior to a tournament?

    3. Should we only allow conservation clips on cull tags (clamp on type)?

    4. Should we increase the late fee for entering tournaments after the meeting prior?  This relates to Boaters jumping in at the last minute and fishing alone.

    5. Should we allow "guests" such as a wife or family member to be in the boat with someone without a partner?  This person would not be allowed to fish and could not assist the Angler in any way.

    6. Should we assign Weigh-In Helpers at the launch for tournaments?

  6.  We discussed updating our official Club Rules.  Frank R. volunteered to review them and assist Greg with next year's version.

  7. Bill O. needs your awards plates ASAP so he can have them made for the December Banquet.



November 2017 Meeting Minutes


Here are the notes and attendance from last night's meeting:

In attendance:  Bill O., Mike O., Greg G., Ricky L., Frank R., Mike R., Glenn L., Roger F., Mike W., Steve W., Jim L., Bill Z., Kennedy G., Lou G


1.  Our annual banquet will be on Wednesday, Dec. 13th at the Tilted Kilt.  The Club will pay for dinner (limited menu) and soft drinks.

2.  Mike Rubino is hosting another Fallen Leaves tournament on Nov. 18th  - Williams Bay at Lake Geneva.

3.  Membership dues for 2018 are now being accepted.

4.  Our annual Fishing Derby (Conservation Project) will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

5.  We approved the election of the following Club Officers for 2018:

      President - Bill Olson

      Vice President  - Ricky Lezcano

      Secretary/Treasurer - Greg Groves

      Tournament Directors - Mike Olson & Glenn Leeper

      Conservation Director - Roger Fieser (Assisted by Bill Zargionnis)

      Membership Director  - Mike Wright

6.  We discussed and voted on the following Rules Changes:

      A.  Should we award more points for meeting attendance?  NO.  

      B.  Scheduling - Should we schedule 2 day tournaments on Friday/Saturday to have Sunday as a backup day?  NO.

      C.  Should there be an off-limits time period prior to a tournament?  NO

      D.  Should we require conservation (clamp type) clips on culling tags?  We will encourage this in 2018.  It will become mandatory in 2019.

      E.  Should we increase the late fee charged for entering a tournament after the meeting prior to the tournament?  NO.  We will enforce the 

            current $5.00 late fee.

      F.  We will now rotate Boaters in tournament draws that have fished alone.  If a Boater fishes alone in one tournament, he will not fish alone

            in the next tournament.

      G.  Should we allow guests in the boat with an angler?  YES.  The guest must be a spouse or immediate family member.  This person is not 

           allowed to fish or assist the Angler in any way.

      H.  Should we assign helpers for our weigh-ins?  YES.  Helpers will be assigned when we meet prior to take off at all tournaments.

7.  Frank has updated our Club Rules.  He will email them to all members for review.  The rules are now inclusive to reflect IBN & BASS rules as well as State laws, etc.

8.  We are giving plates on award plaques for both 1st and 2nd place finishes in 2017.  If you have finished 1st or 2nd in a tournament this year, please get your award plates to Bill Olson ASAP!!  Awards must be ordered soon!!


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